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creative crafts and stitch show somerset

annabel at somerset

here’s annabel in our stand at the creative crafts show in somerset-she’s sporting a new Blue Heron cardi-knitted in the cotten Texture yarn and trimmed in Beaded Metallic. I was pleased with the results of the show-especially considering this was our first venture into the realm of knitting shows and this particular one seemed heavily weighted towards card and scrap bookers. best sellers were the soft spun alpaca/merino, sock yarns and Rio de la plata yarns.The Blue Heron yarns were a big draw into the stand-

We met lots of lovely knitters and made some new client friends so hopefully will return to this area.

I LOVED SOMERSET- the area was just stunning and reminded me of New England (southern vermont esp.)For the 5 days we rented a lovely cottage and could look out at the adorable sheepies from the patio. this was our view

I was dismayed by the lack of interest in the needlepoint canvases- where are all the fine tapestry lovers?


knitting on the beach,not.. events update

This proves that I did some knitting on my very long break.Actually, I did alot-designed 3 sweaters(2 finished),1 angora lacy hat and a felted bag. All, of course, need to be photographed so you may or may not see them for awhile…

What is going on with the weather in London?

Have updated the events page,but still a WIP. Crazed and currently panicking about what to take to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show at the Bath showgrounds next week-have too much great stuff-poor me….The biggest problem is getting it to fit into car.

For all you Ravelry readers, my pattern store is now open.[click on ravelry button to right to hopefully reach my profile-ehdknits]. And if you are not into Ravelry,sign up now-it’s the most phenomenal example of how the web can bring communities together. If you are not into ravelry all my patterns are available in pdf form via e-mail-just contract me if you see anything you’d like.


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