Ally Pally Aftermath

My feet have grown 2 sizes! This is a result of standing for 12 hours daily for the last 5 days ( could not fit a chair in my stall)- will be forced to wear my fit flops until they recover- luckily it’s mild out

Serious fun but totally frenetic. I had the tiniest stand there (ok- there was 1 more as small as mine) and it was crammed to the rafters( or stall panels) with delectables. . Thanks everyone who supported . Did notice that most were carefully budgeting ( including moi who wanted everything…) which I can completely understand in the current  climate. Have considered the serious  risk we all face of economic meltdown and possibility we will all be living in communes.Mine will be fine as I am very resourceful, a decent cook with meager provisions and best of all, everyone will be clothed in cashmere and alpaca.

I was gobsmacked by the talent displayed- especially the embroider’s guild-

will post a pix of my stand when I find my camera!

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