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knitting in vermont

I’m up in Vermont for a few days visiting . There are 4 needlepoint shops and at least 9 knitting shops that I’m aware of (not including Cherry Tree Hill and green Mountain Spinnery, which of course should be included). Vermont@s ambiance sorta reminds me of bits of Dorset and Somerset but plop mountains in the middle. It’s also a very small state by US standards.Here’s the shop closest to me today
Most americans are shocked when I tell them how few knitting stores comparatively there are in England- for them, England is the holy grail,mother of it all in knitdom…. They also like Debbie Bliss yarns….
By the way, please email me if you need to get in touch, my phone service is abysmal.

Long-Tail Cast On (via Happy Stitches)

This is the cast-on method I most often use, recommend and teach- I thought this was a good description from Lucy Neatby

Have you ever really looked at the Long-Tail Cast On? It is such a versatile method, that it is worth a second look. (If you are familiar with the technique skip straight to the What is going on? paragraph.) Try an experiment and tie two colours together one to be the tail yarn and the other the stitch yarn and look at the function of the two different yarns! How about doubling the tail yarn for super-elastic hard working edges, such as sock tops … Read More

via Happy Stitches

Woolfest 2010

I love Woolfest, I love the Lake District. My stand looked like this:

If Debonnaire was a sheep- it would probably be a wensleydale- sorta messy but interesting:

Here are some other favs   :

and a lovely customer knit ( wave wrap):

many thanks to all involved!

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