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New Year -New Yarns

New Year, New Yarns added to the website
Those of you who have seen me at shows recently may be familiar with my Spry yarns which are now available in 4 ply, DK and Aran weights. This is a 100% British yarn- British sheep, spun in England and, of course, hand dyed in England. It took me a long time to find a wholly British yarn that I love- nicely spun and super soft.Below are a few of the colours in the sock weight . I would add that if you’re looking for a DK sweater yarn, this is perfect and I can dye up sufficient quantities for you in your colour choice. There is a bigger selection of colours on the website with more to come!

spry-4-plyI am particularly excited by Squeal Lace ( yes I did when I first met this yarn) . This is a combo of Yak, Silk and Merino and it is just wonderful- some of the colours:

The warmth of the base colour gives an incredible depth when dyed.I have more colours drying as we speak which will be added shortly.
Last but not least is Donegal Dot- a really fun sock weight yarn with dye resistant coloured neps.


I have updated the website with many new colours and you can see a small sample on the Whats New page and check out your favourite bases to see a bigger range.

Most popular patterns recently are Frisky and Spry shawls:

I’m off to Paris next week to exhibit at Aiguille en Fetes, then to Zwolle in Holland. I am particularly excited about Unravel at the end of February and will be at the Olympia Knitting and Stitching Show in early March as well. I hope to see you at one of these shows.

5 Responses

  1. Hi, I got the pattern for the Amble Silk Shawl. In the list of abbreviations I have a problem with ‘SSP’which says slip 2 sts knitwise to left needl, then slip back to right needle: p them together through back of loops. I am confused as to on which needle the stitches are moved. I would really appreciate some help.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Brigitte Gant

    • Hi Brigitte. The reason you slip them to the left and then back to the right needle is to change the orientation of the sts. You then purl the 2 sts which are back on the right needle but mounted differently , through their back loops. Hope this helps! Erica

      • Thank you for your reply. I understand that the stitches near the hole have to change direction but I cannot make it work by slipping two stitches from the right needle to the left then slip them back on to the right one and purl them together through the back of the loop they are then on the needle with the already knitted stitches. I have just slipped two stitches knitwise from the left needle to the right then back onto the left needle and purled through the back of the loops and I think it looks correct as the chain is travelling int the opposite direction. Regards, B

  2. Hi again Brigitte. So sorry I was at a show today and my dyslexia showing through. You are absolutely right! So sorry for the confusion. All the best Erica

    • Thanks, Erica, glad we got this sorted. I shall just change the left for right and the right for left needle. I thought I had lost this thread as I had done it on my phone and accidentally flicked it off. If you have trouble with words, I have them with numbers, so I can see how easily mistakes happen. Thank you for your help. Will you be at Fibre East in Ampthill and Ally Pally? Best wishes, Brigitte

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