Laugh or Cry

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this:

Members of a knitting club in somerset are knitting jumpers for rescued battery hens.” The hens usually come out of farms quite bald and can be underweight,” said one member,”while they are waiting for their feathers to grow back they can benefit from our knitted jumpers.”

well, at least they are not knitting shreddies….

Rowan Mersh-check him out

One of the most fun projects this fall was working with the incredibly talented textile artist Rowan Mersh. Rowan was looking to source yarn for his fabric fewelry and neckpieces. Interesting collaboration as I am known for colour use and Rowan uses only black, white and grey. Don’t have any pictures yet of his new pieces, but here are some samples of his work. Check out his website at which he hopefully will update with new shots soon!

harrogate ends with a bang

Hellie ( and I had an interesting ,busy 4 days at Harrogate Knit and Stitch 2009-

stand is looking stuffed as usual with yarn, samples , kits and needlepoint. Loved meeting new people , the city and staying with the incredibly hospitable Lucy Best-Shaw. However, to prove that there is always drama and high comedy in my life, the roof box blew open on way home-scattering yarn and kits over the M1 and adjoining fields. Fortunately, no drivers were blinded by cashmere and alpaca bags and once I managed to get the box closed in 80mph gusts of wind, we carried on home. I was however too traumatized to attempt to take any pix of the spaghetti strand-like balls of soft spun we ran over for the next mile.

(By the way, the roof box was an Autoform Denver largest size-beware….)

Stressed so Knit -part 2

On 2 occasions this week, knitting has kept me from going utterly insane .1- had a completely flat tyre on the M40 last weekend and due to road shutting down completely about the second after it happened ( they found a dead body or something by the side of the road…) had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the RAC to show up. So… I sat on the hillside and knit calmly ( while savannah went insane ). Not sure it’s the chicest knitting in public . Don’t even ask why we didn’t try to change it ourselves…
2. Completely nuked my blackberry operating system the other night. Most forums suggested I get a new one unless I had a spare 6 hours or so.I perservered and after 5 hours and 49 mins had it up and running ( sorta- a few things are still missing, like my BBM). In any case, what kept me sane during about 17 de and re installations was my current project.Scott was quite impessed as I frequently just have a fit and demand someone else ( ie my kids) fix  technical difficulties.( He would not be so impessed if he kew how I killed the phone…)

knit flat tire doc

scott looks really unhappy and it’s because HE DOESN’T KNIT!

Knitted All Star Sneakers


knitted allstars


Not really my thing to wear, but they are strangely appealing. Crafted by etsy seller @Pretty Sneaky@, they sell for about $100.


knitted all stars

Stitch and Creative Craft Show- Esher, Sandown Park

We will be exhibiting on 18th-20h September with a wonderful array of luxurious knitting and needlepoint supplies. I will also be doing a workshop on knitting with 2 circular needles from 3-4 pm on Friday and Saturday!

stressed so knit

5 Ways to Cope with Money Stress -Take Up Knitting According to research at the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, the repetitive motion and focus of needlework can elicit what’s known as the relaxation response—a calming meditation-like state that slows heart rate and causes blood pressure to drop. In addition, a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggests that knitting is associated with a lower risk of dementia for those 65 and older.

well, we knew that already……. what about dementia for the under 65’s?

Parsons Green Fair- 4th July

I’ll be at the Parsons Grteen Fair this Saturday with great yarns kits, knitting and needlepoint gifts- as well as a range of tapestry canvases for all ages > Come see me and I can now accept cards!

Race for Life 2009 free Chemo Cap Pattern

mouse-with-baby-007 -For this year’s race for life ,designed this cap which hopefully you can download free from Ravelry here- Am trying to figure out how to get the proper button. But if this doesn’t work, email me and I’ll send you a copy

knitting on the beach spring break 09

  managed to knit and needlepoint on the beach in florida this year- note flamingo on bag. black yarn is a mink ( brushed from animals not pelts) and cashmere blend which is amazing. it turned into this hat.

 Also did cute child’s sweater using the german self-striping yarn( schoeller &stahl). the pattern looks vaguely missoni-ish with a slight chevron. very easy and inexpensive to make. Also, saw sharks in the water (right after I’d gotten out..), ate too much and shopped too much, love Florida….

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