The perils of not checking your gauge

My friend Goody came to me recently to see if she should break for the arms yet on the sweater she had been painstakingly working on. Well, clearly something was wrong even though she insisted she had done everything correctly and I mean seriously insisted.  We took it off the needles and it looked like this:

Goody had been given the wrong weight yarn- a chunky- to work an aran pattern and since she never bothered to check the gauge didn’t realise she was making a sweater the would fit 3 of her in it…. enough said. This experience has  put her off knitting for awhile . Mistakes happen but I’m glad it wasn’t me that made this one.

Stressed so Knit -part 2

On 2 occasions this week, knitting has kept me from going utterly insane .1- had a completely flat tyre on the M40 last weekend and due to road shutting down completely about the second after it happened ( they found a dead body or something by the side of the road…) had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the RAC to show up. So… I sat on the hillside and knit calmly ( while savannah went insane ). Not sure it’s the chicest knitting in public . Don’t even ask why we didn’t try to change it ourselves…
2. Completely nuked my blackberry operating system the other night. Most forums suggested I get a new one unless I had a spare 6 hours or so.I perservered and after 5 hours and 49 mins had it up and running ( sorta- a few things are still missing, like my BBM). In any case, what kept me sane during about 17 de and re installations was my current project.Scott was quite impessed as I frequently just have a fit and demand someone else ( ie my kids) fix  technical difficulties.( He would not be so impessed if he kew how I killed the phone…)

knit flat tire doc

scott looks really unhappy and it’s because HE DOESN’T KNIT!

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