Debonnaire events



Debonnaire Fall shows 2021. Please check back for updates!


11-12 September. Perth Festival of Yarn

25-26 September. Yarndale

7-10 October. Alexandra Palace- the Knitting and Stitching Show

18-21 November. Harrogate

9 Responses

  1. Hey I know the date of the Colet Court school fair now before Carl does. tee hee.

  2. Dear Erica, I wonder if you can help me.

    When I was at Aintree 2010/2011. I bought a skein of beautiful blue silk yarn from you, and because I read somewhere that I could make a shawl from one skein of yarn, I proceeded with my skein of blue silk. I am now three quarters of the way through the pattern and am looking at the yarn getting smaller and smaller and fear I am going to run out before the end! What would be the chances of you still stocking the same yarn? I still have the ball band which says :

    Lustre-100% mulberry silk
    100g +/- 300m
    hand dyed
    4-4.5mm needle

  3. Dear Erica, I wonder if you can help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When i was London Olympia last year, I bought 3 skein of yarn from you.And I would like one more ,please.
    The ball band says:
    100% Wool-DK
    100g = 200m
    4-5 mm needle
    Hand Wash 168881

  4. Dear Erica,
    my friend has been today in Blue Water and she got it for me.Luckily.
    Thank you very much for you fast respons.
    happy knitting

  5. Hi Erica. Found your website only to discover you are minutes from where I live in Caversham Park Village. I am looking for a skien of wool to complete a shawl. The info I found says you have a craft shop in dunsden green. Is this correct? And if so when do you open? Many thanks

    • Hi Christine, I don’t have a shop only a workshop where I hand dye yarn which is not open to the public. I have very little commercial yarn but loads of hand dyed yarn if that is what you are after! please email me at with details of what you need and hopefully I can help!

  6. Hi, are you going to be at the Harrogate show, please? Do hope so!!!

    • Hi Annemarie,
      Yes I’ll be there!
      Had updated this page quite some time ago so no idea why it’s not showing up.
      See you there

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