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Summer Knitting

Meet Terry, one of my favourite sheep at  Woolfest this year (apparently he was grumpy) 

It’s hard to believe that it’s July already and it seems like we’ve gone through a lot of dog days already. Dyeing in the heat has been challenging at times and I’ve resorted to working at odd hours of the night and early morning. At least the yarn has been drying fast. 

Still time to indulge in bright colours to fit the season:

Find your Fade Shawls have been very popular recently. A few of my favs:

Beyond the perennial popular sock yarns, Squeal Lace has been flying. My Bellagio Shawl pattern is ready:

I had a brief trip to see my daughter in NY and a couple of great but breezy days on the beach early last month. 

Missing both lobster and the waves but going back for a longer trip at the end of August. 

If you’re on Instagram( debonnaireyarns)or Facebook (Debonnaire), I post frequent pix of what I’m up to so be sure to check it out!

Enjoy the weather!

knitting on the beach spring break 09

  managed to knit and needlepoint on the beach in florida this year- note flamingo on bag. black yarn is a mink ( brushed from animals not pelts) and cashmere blend which is amazing. it turned into this hat.

 Also did cute child’s sweater using the german self-striping yarn( schoeller &stahl). the pattern looks vaguely missoni-ish with a slight chevron. very easy and inexpensive to make. Also, saw sharks in the water (right after I’d gotten out..), ate too much and shopped too much, love Florida….

knitting on the beach,not.. events update

This proves that I did some knitting on my very long break.Actually, I did alot-designed 3 sweaters(2 finished),1 angora lacy hat and a felted bag. All, of course, need to be photographed so you may or may not see them for awhile…

What is going on with the weather in London?

Have updated the events page,but still a WIP. Crazed and currently panicking about what to take to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show at the Bath showgrounds next week-have too much great stuff-poor me….The biggest problem is getting it to fit into car.

For all you Ravelry readers, my pattern store is now open.[click on ravelry button to right to hopefully reach my profile-ehdknits]. And if you are not into Ravelry,sign up now-it’s the most phenomenal example of how the web can bring communities together. If you are not into ravelry all my patterns are available in pdf form via e-mail-just contract me if you see anything you’d like.


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